This is a blog born out of selfishness. Its sole purpose is to facilitate the academic studies of yours truly. The posts on the blog aren’t exactly summaries in that I do not extract the central ideas of the paper or chapter and present them in a concise manner. They may be more accurately called paraphrases. In fact, in these alleged summaries, I often retain the wording and structure of the sentences from the original, sometimes exactly in which case they are explicitly referred to as extracts or put in quotation marks. The only reason I call them summaries is that students look online for (i.e., they search using the keyword) summaries and not paraphrases or extracts.

Please know that these posts are not done by an expert. Errors will inevitably be present. Although I end up returning to and editing/correcting some posts of special interest to me (or to other people, as traffic to the site might show), the majority does not receive further attention. (T)read with suspicion. Ideally, have the original paper with you to compare tricky or suspicious areas. Even if you don’t have access to online libraries which the links of the papers are directed to, most of the classic/seminal papers should be easily available online. If not,┬áleave a message at m39466@yahoo.com and I’ll mail you a copy.